Idella Yamben, Ph.D


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Idella specializes in testing risky business assumptions and training companies in Lean Startup methods as well as Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grantsmanship and program development. Specifically, she supports client in technology commercialization and access to follow-on funding.

Idella is a leader in the Wisconsin world of technology entrepreneurship. She will efficiently guide you through your journey and offer encouragement in your endeavors as well as in areas that you may not have considered. You will find that Idella provides a great deal of direction and care in helping you achieve your goals. Idella is an excellent resource to provide leadership, care and efficiency in helping you become successful.

One of her favorite aspects of her job is helping a new entrepreneur jump in or growing skills within existing entrepreneurial teams. Projects that add new value and new access to information for our clients is most meaningful to Idella. From continued work on Ideadvance/SBIR Advance to newer programs like SBIR Ready and others, she feels it is a thrill to work alongside entrepreneurs to help them achieve success.

When she’s not focused on work and networking, she’s focused on her family. She’s always looking for new things for her son and family to experience.

  • PhD, Cellular & Molecular Biology


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