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WEDC supported SBIR Ready provides the lift to help you towards the $3.7 billion federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)/Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Research program. SBIR Ready (DoD Edition) is designed to help small businesses access the changing landscape of program & innovation funding now accessible through the Air Force and AFWERX program.

SBIR Ready 2022 is focused on helping existing businesses ideate and develop a new funding pitch to the Department of Defense.

The SBIR Ready (DOD Edition) program is a unique opportunity to support small businesses to explore, prepare, and submit competitive SBIR proposals within 6 months of participation. This 4+ session program will accomplish the following:

  • Support companies to understand the breadth of innovation opportunities
  • Arm companies with the ability to navigate current and emerging DoD innovation needs.
  • Lead companies to brainstorm innovation capabilities towards a competitive proposal.
  • Support companies to network with potential collaborators towards a competitive proposal submission.
  • Prepare companies in basic DoD proposal techniques with emphasis on the unique AFWERX program.
  • Direct companies to prepare proposal drafts including pitch decks, quad charts, technical volumes, and budgets.
  • Support companies to complete all required registrations for submissions.
  • Support companies towards submissions including contacting DoD topic managers and regular post-program one-on-one support until submissions.

Companies successfully completing the first four sessions are eligible for $750 with an additional $750 available after submitting a vetted DoD proposal within 6 months.

Program Outline:

SBIR Ready is a series of four, 1.5-hour workshops conducted in a small-group, virtual setting, with hands-on team and individual exercises. Following each session, companies meet individually with CTC to discuss ‘homework’ important for funding proposal preparation and submissions. Companies who satisfactorily complete ‘homework,’ receive a $750 grant with an additional $750 bonus opportunity upon submission of a competitive SBIR/STTR funding proposal.

Virtual Meeting Schedule – Spring 2022

SBIR Ready 2022 Schedule placeholder

Each session runs from 12:00 – 1:30 PM

Core Curriculum

Session 1 – March 2022

Your Value Proposition

Learn how to think like a DoD innovator. Discover innovation challenges. Brainstorm on new uses and fit for your innovation or capabilities in the DoD market.

Session 2 – March 2022

Lay the Groundwork: How to Apply

Know and begin registrations for a future submission. Discover channels and approaches for military customer engagement.

Session 3 – March 2022

The Distilling Process

Determine feasibility goals using feedback from experts and peers, market research, gap analysis and best-practice examples. Communicate project via budget and Quad Chart.

Session 4 – April 2022

Pitch to Convince

Prepare draft of a convincing pitch deck (proposal submission). Determine current fit and readiness to submit in June 2021.

*Companies who successfully attend these first four sessions, complete all assignments, and engage with CTC on deliverables are eligible for a $750 stipend.

Applicants Pursuing June Deadline

On Your Own but Not Alone- April-May 2022

One-on-one consultations with CTC to customize project according to April 21 topic pre-release instructions and innovation goals.  Develop proposal collaborators.  Leverage CTC towards conversations with military customers, DoD topic managers, and additional FREE proposal prep resources.

Fusion Event – April 2022

Understanding Value-Added Partnerships

Guided networking to meet subject matter experts in university, military, prime and small business collaborations to help prepare you to meet and develop meaningful value-added partnerships important for a successful Air Force/DoD submission. Want to participate in the Fusion Event? Contact us.

Session 5 – May 2022

Customer Discovery

Prepare questions and documents towards meaningful customer discovery with a topic manager. Refine proposal approach accordingly.

Session 6 – May 2022

Get it Done

Map successful submission plan ahead of the May 19 “go dark” period and June 17 submission date.

*Companies who successfully attend sessions 5-6 AND who submit a competitive, reviewed proposal package in 6 months are eligible for an additional $750 stipend.

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