SBIR Ready

Check back in Spring 2021 for information on our next cohort!

Through CTC’s paid SBIR Ready immersion opportunity, graduate students and early-career scientists can evaluate their tech project from multiple angles to make a business case, develop tools toward a winning SBIR/STTR proposal and viable team strategy for your innovative idea. Learn how to be competitive and savvy in federal grant programs and gain confidence as you build competence in exploring a viable career path.

SBIR Ready – Building Skills, Proving Concepts

This immersion opportunity supports graduate students and early-career scientists seeking applied business development skills. Teams completing an enhanced market and research strategy proposal are eligible to earn up to $1,500 toward their business.

Don’t have your own innovation? Let us connect you with a technology where you can practice this process.

The SBIR Ready Bootcamp will teach you the secrets to articulating a business case for your team’s innovation. The program will help you tap into the $2.5 billion non-dilutive federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)/Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs to launch your business and careers.

When Are Applications Due?

Due Date: Applications will be due in May 2021. In the meantime, check out our SBIR/STTR Micro-grants to help your technology get the funding

Prepare for SBIR Ready Now:


Build your team. SBIR Ready requires a team of two or more.


Pick a technology to put through the process (your own, or talk to us to borrow one).


Watch for the program announcement in March 2021.


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What Does SBIR Ready Offer?

SBIR Ready is a series of four 3-hour workshops conducted via remote learning, with hands-on team and individual exercises. Please download our syllabus here.

  • Session 1, “Your Value Proposition”: In this Lean Startup Crash Course, define a problem worthy of SBIR funding as well as its target market and your potential competition.
  • Session 2, “The Distilling Process”: Determine specific aims with measurable outcomes, using feedback from experts and peers, market research, gap analysis and best-practice examples.
  • Session 3, “What You Need to Make It Happen”: Now that you have a research plan, draft a budget and the resources you need: your team, collaborators, consultants and facilities.
  • Session 4, “SBIR Ready? How to Apply”: Get a walk-through of the SBIR application process and, if you’re ready, schedule the next-step consultation to give your idea a shot.

Tips from Todd

Still on the fence? Looking for additional guidance? Check out Tips from Todd every Tuesday and Thursday. Our resident outdoors expert and grant writing guru walk you through why and how to apply for SBIR.

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