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Idella Yamben, CTC’s Lean Startup expert, will share her expertise and straightforward tips on Tuesdays and Thursdays as part of ongoing installments of Idella’s Ideas!

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Episode 15 – Agency Considerations – NSF v. NIH

SBIR/STTR is not a single agency. There are 11 participating agencies with their own rules, considerations and funding! You must determine which one (or three) is right for your innovation. Check out Idella’s Ideas for a comprehensive example of National Institutes of Health v. National Science Foundation.

Connect with Idella to see which agency is right for you:

Find more information on agency fit here.

Episode 14 – SBIR Budgets

It’s FALL!! ???? Time to break out your favorite recipes for soups ????, baked goods???? ???? and innovation! Check out this episode of Idella’s Ideas to find out the ingredients you need for a successful SBIR budget:

Contact Idella to get started with your innovative recipe. Read related blog.

Episode 13 – DoD Topic Pre-releases

Get excited!! DoD Topic Pre-releases were announced this week. Are you ready to find funding in unusual place? Check out Idella’s Ideas for more:

*Search pre-release open Topics here and contact CTC if you have question or are wondering if YOUR innovation fits:

**Don’t miss the DoD deadlines:
– Aug 25, 2020: DoD BAA issued for pre-release
– Sep 23, 2020: DoD begins accepting proposals
– Oct 22, 2020: Deadline for receipt of proposals, no later than 12:00 p.m. ET

Episode 12 – DoD Team Culture

Like the Justice League, your innovation needs a multi-talented super team. In contracting agencies, such as the Department of Defense, your team needs to blend with the resources associated with the funding agencies. Check out this episode to find out how to connect to those resources before you submit.

(Spoiler: One of the ways Idella mentions is joining our QuickChat with CTC’s DOD Service Provider Bill Altergott:

Episode 11 – Existing Concepts: USDA Topics

Not all SBIR funding agencies accept proposals from existing concepts or products but USDA is the primary exception. If there are new uses for your product or concept that can be explored, USDA has topics that can be pursued. Watch this Idella’s Ideas to find out more!

Find the full list of USDA topics here:

Episode 10 – NIH I-Corps

Having a good workout is very important for you AND your business. Even if you already have experience in Lean Startup, NIH I-corps can help your business level up. Watch this episode of Idella’s Ideas for more.

Check out our Quick Chat with Dr. Canaria, who helped launch NIH I-Corps, to find out how your business can leverage the program:

Episode 9 – NIH Special Topics

“Did you read the fine print?” – A question often asked with the answer already known…. “No.”
However when it comes to SBIR, reading the fine print can be one of the most important things, especially in regards to NIH Special Topics waivers. Watch this episode of Idella’s Ideas to find out more:

Episode 8 – SBIR TABA Program

The SBIR program is no longer just money for R&D. Idella is here to tell you about the Technical and Business Assistance (TABA) program. Connect to CTC to see if this program is right for your innovation!

Episode 7 – Changes to CTC Micro-grant Program

We listened to you, our clients, and made some changes to our Micro-grant Program! The new options will help you to better submit to multiple agencies! You may now be eligible to receive MULTIPLE Micro-grants to fund various activities.

Contact CTC to see if you can tap these pre-proposal funds to move your application along. More information on the Micro-grant program.

Episode 6 – DOD Virtual Training, June 18

Don’t WebMD yourself to success! Get your innovation questions answered by experts in your field. You don’t have to know you want to explore DOD funding to join this interactive event June 18 BUT you will learn the next steps you need to take in your commercialization journey.

Join Wisconsin CTC, WEDC and DOD experts for this virtual training on June 18.

Episode 5 – Use of SBIR Funds – Integrated Technology

Using the SBIR program does NOT just mean developing core technology – think about the technology integration in the products you use everyday. Your innovation could improve an existing core technology! Find out more in today’s Idella’s Ideas, part of CTC Sparks: The Innovators’ Series.

Check out our Quick Chat with David Geisler, CEO of Rapid Imaging, for more information on using DOD SBIR funds for integrated technology.

Join CTC June 18th for an interactive, virtual training event with the Department of Defense!

Episode 4 – Expanding Wisconsin DOD Awards

Wisconsin is lagging behind its neighbors in DOD’s SBIR Contract Awards. We are trying to change that and we need you, the innovators! Find out more in Episode 4 of Idella’s Ideas.

Join CTC June 18th for an interactive, virtual training event with the Department of Defense!

Episode 3 – Cybersecurity Requirements for DOD Contracts

Episode 3 of Idella’s Ideas is here to help YOU prepare to apply for DOD SBIR contracts. This year there is a specific certification your small business needs to apply, Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification. Let us help you understand a CMMC or connect you to a resource partner who will get you on the right track.

Learn more about DOD at our June 18th Virtual DOD Workshop – Learn more and register here.

Episode 2 – Talking to a Topic Manager

Are you considering SBIR grants or contracts to fund your innovative idea? Decided on a topic or looking for guidance? Episode 2 of Idella’s Ideas is here to let you know how to contact a topic manager and what you need to prepare before you connect!

Episode 1 – DOD Topic Pre-release

Introducing Idella’s Ideas, the next instillation in our CTC educational series! It is a special time of year: DOD Topic Pre-releases and YOUR innovation could be funded. Find out more about the categories and who you should speak to in Ep. 1 of Idella’s Ideas now. DOD SBIR Topic Search. REMEMBER, you only have until June 3rd to speak to a Topic Manager!

Learn more about DOD at our June 18th Virtual DOD Workshop – Learn more and register here.