Move Your Tech out of Academia Recap!

Moving Your Tech Panel with audience of innnovators

On September 28th the Center for Technology Commercialization (CTC) in partnership with Discovery to Product (D2P) hosted an event called Moving Your Tech Out Of Academia during UW Innovate Week.

At this lunch & learn, over 40 innovators heard from tech entrepreneurs and support organizations on how one might take a technology and spin out a company focused on commercial applications for their innovation.

The robust panel discussion included Dr. Carl Carol Hirschmugl of Conovate, Dr. Kevin Barnett of Pyran, Dr. Eric Schmuck from Cellular Logistics, Dr. Bonnie Bachman from UW-Madison TEO office and CTC’s own Robert Baranowski discussed their experiences with taking the leap out of academia.

Dr. Eric Schmuck from Cellular Logistics responded, “A person who takes their fate in their own hands and has the guts to do something impactful” when asked what “entrepreneur” means to him.

Dr. Carol Hirschmugl commented  “I dove into entrepreneurship because I was so excited about my technology I didn’t want it to die on the vine.”

It was suggested that academics new to entrepreneurship find a helpful support organization and start with a conversation. “’Treps need to know what they need to know” said Dr. Bonnie Bachman. “Find someone who knows what you should know.” suggested Dr. Schmuck.

Some of the support organizations suggested and applauded were;

“What makes your company work is who you surround yourself with” said Carol Hirschmugl

Reach out to CTC with questions on where to start!