Why is NSF the program for your innovation?

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If you are thinking about taking your tech and getting R&D funding for your small business consider the NSF SBIR Program – a $2 million + opportunity for your business. 


1. NSF funds startups to navigate the earliest stages of technology translation and better yet, doesn’t waste your time creating a complete proposal before giving you critical “am I fit for the SBIR program” feedback. In comes NSF’s Project Pitch. 

The unique “Project Pitch” process gets startups and small businesses quick feedback at the start of their application for Phase I funding. Your business provides 1500 words on your 1) Tech innovation, 2) Objectives and challenges, 3) Market Opp and the 4) Company/team and NSF gets you quick feedback (usually about 3 weeks) on your fit for the SBIR program. 

If you AREN’T considered a fit you’ll be told WHY.

If you ARE consider a fit you’ll be invited to APPLY. 

This process is an excellent gauge of your company’s fit for the SBIR program as a whole and requires minimal effort from the small business. 

2. NSF has tried to make their application and award process as easy as possible, takes 0% equity, has minimal reporting requirements and has program staff ready and willing to mentor you along the way.  

If you are new to the SBIR program or a veteran to the process, consider CTC your partner providing you with the free guidance and proposal writing assistance ($) that will get you the funding your business needs. 

  1. Get up to $9K in micro-grant funds from CTC to hire a grant consultant 
  2.  Get feedback on your proposal at CTC’s Presubmission Panel Review – Proposals due to CTC October 10th.