WI AI Summit Day 1 Recap!

Day 1 of the WI AI Summit hosted four expert panels discussing artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML). These included conversations about applications in cybersecurity, practices for leveraging federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding for commercializing products and a resource panel exploring private data storage as well as how to work with academic programs and resources.

Panelists noted business challenges in adopting AI/ML technologies, regulatory criteria impacting product development and identified resources they use to stay up to date on to AI and use cases. In a call-to-action for us all to be better aware of this emerging technology, one panelist noted, artificial intelligence has been around since the 1950’s and it is not going away. Furthermore, every discipline has a role to play to define ethics, to create applications in areas like social sciences and to ensure creative uses in business.

WI AI Summit Day 2 continued with a series of federal panels featuring federal programs and SBIR funding to better connect WI to the national conversation and funding trends on AI/ML technologies. Read news story here.

Get connected with some of the panel suggested resources below:

Be informed:

For Research and Product Development Funding:

Education and Certification:

Research Collaborations and Resources: