DoD Pre-release Announced!

DoD Topics

We are excited to see the DoD has ‘pre-released’ their next round of SBIR and STTR Broad Area Announcements (BAA’s).

There are five new BAA’s; three of which have deadlines scheduled for June 15 and two of them with deadlines scheduled for September 2. The pre-release period is a time when you can look through the announcements for potential topics that might fit your capabilities as well as guidelines.  Note that guidelines and topics might change before the due date.

This is an important part of the DoD process because this is the only time you can contact the Technical Person of Contact (TPOC) and visit with them about the details of the topics. Once the ‘official’ release occurs, May 18th, then you will not be able to talk with the TPOC directly.

Here are summaries of the 5 new BAA’s.

DoD STTR 2022.B: This STTR requires the submitting company work with a non-profit research institution like a university or national lab. It includes a Phase I and Phase II component. Budgets might vary but appear to in the neighborhood of  $150,000 or greater with Phase II budgets in excess of $1.1 million.

DoD SBIR 2022.3: This SBIR BAA also includes a Phase I and Phase II component and focuses on Modernization priorities. Budgets also vary considerably within the topics but examples are in the neighborhood of $111,000 for Phase I with addition for the option bringing it to around $150,000.  There are also Direct to Phase II opportunities.

Air Force X22.2: Is a Direct to Phase II that is specifically for the 2nd Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center Pitch Day. The budget is $1.5 million.

Air Force X2022.D: This particular one is due September 2 and is an STTR.  This is an open topic : “Phase I Open Call for Innovative Defense-Related Dual-Purpose Technologies/Solutions with a Clear Air Force or Space Force Stakeholder Need.” It has a budget of $75,000.

Air Force X2022.4: This is the SBIR version of the open call and is also due September 2. It includes a Phase I for $75,000, as well as two Direct to Phase II dual purpose topics for Air Force or Space Force.

We are looking forward to reading these in more detail and getting our teams ready for submission.  The DoD SBIR website for more details is found here: