Energy Imperatives for the Dept. of Defense

The Department of Defense hosted their annual Defense TechConnect event, virtually. If you missed it, representatives from several of the funding components discussed critical innovation needs that will likely become topics for future SBIR and other broad agency announcement funding opportunities.  With the next SBIR pre-release upcoming in December, consider if your small business has an innovative and potentially risky technology worth funding. Here are some highlights:

  1. Novel does not necessarily mean new.  Whether it be Air Force or Army, many representatives highlighted that they are in need of updating their systems.  This means that existing technologies that work in the private sector may be funded to assess its feasibility in the military market.
  2. Not every innovation is sensors and algorithms.  The marine corps spoke about critical challenges in moving forces and enabling them to persist in contested areas.  Fuel and energy transportation is a big cost.  And while new power units and fuel options are important, also needed are any new pumps, hoses and equipment that make the fuel moving process and distribution easier.
  3. There is innovation in education.  Navy, marines, air force and army all highlighted that the need for fuel and power is only increasing.  Innovations to enable tools and weapons to go farther are key.  However, the navy highlighted that they also want better training tools and education that help marines/sailors understand THEIR own use of energy. Diverse teams of behavioral scientists and technologists may be your company’s key to new innovation funding.

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